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So was I. And following that first experience as a home buyer, I decided to become the type of Realtor I wish I'd found then. Okay, it wasn't that simple, but when I decided to put my career as a professional musician on the back burner, and began looking around at other careers that would be compatible with my strengths and skills, and would hold my interest, I recalled the types of real estate agents I had encountered.

We're all familiar with the self-promoting agent, whose face is on every bus and billboard. I don't have that kind of budget, so you won't see me there! And then there's the agent who's #1 in his market (and the fine print clarifies that he sold the most semi-detached brick homes on the east side of Prospect Street in 2009). We're all #1 at something!

So, here's my thing. I am a husband and father of two young children, and my family lives in the Woodland Hills area of Newmarket. I have a background in the music business as a performer and small business owner. Most of my clients are at a similar place in their lives: starting out as a new couple, or as new parents - or both - looking for a home that won't stretch the budget too tightly. One that allows them to enjoy a great neighbourhood park, or is close to work - or both! I don't make false claims; I don't believe that hard sales tactics and forced pressure are effective ways to do business. I'm here to serve the best interest of my buyer and seller clients and that's it.

Enough about me. Let's talk about you. If you're thinking about buying your first home, or if you're outgrowing your first space and are getting ready to take the plunge into something more suitable for your young family, I would love to hear all about your needs, your wishes, and of course your budget and your constraints. Together, we'll find the listing that not only gets a check mark in all those boxes but also feels like home to you.

If you're looking for straight answers to your real estate questions about Newmarket, give me a call on my cell at 416-890-5775, or if you feel more comfortable with email at first, feel free to contact me at LornesRealty@gmail.com

Lorne Cooper, Sales Representative
17035 Yonge Street, Suite 100
Newmarket, ON, L3Y 5Y1
(416) 890-5775

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